Here are a few of the websites I've designed and programmed.


IPNow.Org | Your IP Address Now

IPNow.Org is a website that tells you information that a web server can determine from headers that your browser sends. Some of the things that it detects includes IP address, browser, operating system, language, port, etc. The cool thing about IPNow.Org is you can create a customized image displaying some of this information. You can place this image on your website to display detected information dynamically.

Google Talk Themes

Gtalk.AnthonySottile.Com is a website showing some Google Talk themes I have written. The themes allow you to change the appearance of the Google Talk desktop client. The themes are implemented in HTML and CSS. Through some crafty JavaScript, I've also worked in some scripting in the themes to replace the default Google Talk emoticon implementation.

Triflic Catalyzed Cyclization

Triflic Catalyzed Cyclization was an HTML project for Chemistry 215 Double Honors Structured Study Group. Our section's theme was the seven deadly sins.

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